6 Gross Post Baby Delivery Things No One Tells You

breastfeeding, post delivery, child birth, breastfeeding pain

It’s here! That beautiful day where you get to at long last get to meet your little one, you are a parent! The pain of baby delivery is over. Everything is wonderful, all the painful and awkward moments are behind you right? WRONG! So wrong.

So here is the dirty truth of what to expect right after delivery of your baby.

1. Blood Clots

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After delivery, you are going to essentially empty your uterus of all its contents that you built up over the nine months. This is going to happen for the next few weeks. So, get lots of pads, those giant ones with flaps. The worst of it is in the first few days and you will continue with a never ending period for a while, it should fizzle out around 4-6 weeks. Blood clots will happen, they don’t hurt, just really scary when a giant blob of jello ends up in your underpants.

2. Breastfeeding Hurts

breastfeeding, post delivery, child birth, breastfeeding pain
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Your little angel is just born, all cleaned up from the delivery and it’s time to make that amazing bond through breastfeeding every mother has been waiting for. Trying for a good latch and then BAM!, a surge of pain that runs through your body stemming from your nipple. How the hell do moms do this multiple times a day?
Not to worry, it gets better. It starts by hurting the whole time and then dissipates to pain just at first latch, then nothing.
So hang in there momma!

3. Engorgement and Milk Coming In

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When your milk comes in, you start leaking like a faucet. Make sure you have breast pads at the ready, you are going to need them.
The first couple days your body doesn’t know how much milk to produce, so it over fills, which is painful and your girls are swollen.

4. Post Baby Delivery Walking

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Yes this sounds strange, but a baby just came out of you. So at the hospital, if you had a natural birth, you will be wearing giant diapers with ice packs shoved in them waddling around like a penguin. When you get home walking or standing for too long could be awkward and painful. Try to take it easy. Accept the help, take baths and let someone else change those diapers, lord knows you are going to get your share.

5. Going to the Washroom
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Don’t worry about running out of toilet paper because that’s off limits. For the next 6 weeks post delivery, you will be getting your very own perineum squirt bottle to use. On the bright side, you will be a master at it by the time you don’t need it, which could come in handy. Who knows?

6. Episiotomy

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If you are one of the lucky ladies to have this one, like myself; you will wish you went over your baby delivery birth plan with your doctor one more time. Especially the part where you specified NO EPISIOTOMY!
If the feeling down there wasn’t awkward enough, add in some stitches from your vagina to your anus for good measure. Make sure you have loose full bottom underwear. If you can skip pants all together and let that baby heal.

What’s crazy is after the six weeks, it’s over and completely worth it. No regrets, you have the best thing in your life in your arms. You got this momma! Being a parent is the best gift in the world.

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