Baby Shower Gifts: 8 Useful Gifts for a New Mom

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You have been invited to your friends or family or whoever’s baby shower. Now you need to get the most perfect, cutest gift, right? I always thought this way, until I became a mom, I beg you. Don’t do it, go practical, your mom friend will thank you later.

Here is a list of useful gifts to get that new mom for her baby shower:

1. Cotton Zipper Sleepers

Zipper baby sleepers. baby shower gift, new mom gift ideas

One more time, cotton… zipper…. sleepers. The child is going to practically live in these unless old people are visiting, even then will probably still be in them. Get the sleepers with feet, a cover over the top of the zipper and probably best to go 0-3 months over newborn size. DO NOT get the fleece ones, the child is likely in a sleep sack and will sweat. DO NOT bother going name brand and dear god NO WHITE, the likeliness of the baby peeing, pooping or puking all over it is high, so just don’t.

The parents will thank you at 4am when you didn’t get them sleepers with 50 snaps. Nothing makes a parent want to rage more then doing up one of those babies to find on the last snap, they are off by one.

 2. A Book, Any Book

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Books can get expensive, especially when you don’t have any for a new baby. Cardboard touch and feels are great, but really anything that encourages reading and bonding. Sign the inside cover, so any time the book is read the mother and child will think of you.

Educational or Soothing Toys

Anything that makes car rides easier, I would have paid $100.  The following are my favourites as they helped me out with my six month old daughter. Getting them as baby shower gifts would have saved me some cash, which is always appreciated.

3. Rainfall Rattle by Discovery Toys:

rainstick rattle, baby shower gift, new mom giftIf she was crying the soothing sound of rainfall stopped her instantly and she would just stare at the rattle and even went to sleep at times.

4. Manhattan Toy Winkel:

Manhattan toy winkel, baby shower gift idea, new mom giftMy husband and I referred to it as “the neutron”. This was awesome as my little bug could get her hands on this and pick it up and play with it before any of her other toys. Its light, makes a rattle sound and is so easy for her to get a hold of. This is still a mandatory car ride toy.


5. Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether (Creme):

Sophie the giraffe, baby shower gift, new mom gift ideaThis toy is one of the pricier ones at around $30, but I swear by it, in fact, I have two. My daughter couldn’t keep a pacifier in her mouth but she could wrangle the Sophie under her arm. She loved chewing on her ears and kept her calm and quiet in the car.




6. A Good Nasal Aspirator

nasal aspirator, baby shower gift, new mom giftNew mom will probably laugh and give you a weird face when she sees this in your gift basket. Trust me, she will be happy its there when her little bundle gets their first cold and that tear drop piece of crap that came in the grooming kit does nothing. There are lots of options for this style, a well known one is the Nose Frida, but here is one I have that works great for a good price, $13 CAD.


7.  1-Second Ear Thermometer

1 second thermometer, baby shower idea, new mom idea, practical baby giftAgain those kit thermometers are a pain, try getting your baby to sit still while you attempt a mouth, arm or butt temperature; from my experience, near impossible. The Graco 1 second Ear Thermometer is easy and only costs about $20-$25.

This one would pair well with the nasal aspirator, in fact you could make it a whole theme for your baby shower gift with baby Tylenol, Benadryl, gripe water, etc… Gifts like these the mom won’t see the true benefit until she needs to use them. What would you give to not run out and purchase them when your child is sick and needs care. You can be a hero!

8. Baby Shower Failsafes – The Essentials

diaper cake, baby shower gift, new mom ideas, practical
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Parents can ALWAYS could use the following: Diapers, wipes, lotion, baby wash, baby spoons, bowls, sippy cups, etc.. Be sure to find out if the parents intend to use cloth diapers, organic or all natural products before you buy. Baby shower diaper cakes with these little additions will be a hit!

These are gifts that will be used and when they are your friend will appreciate you for it.

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