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Babies cry for a lot of reasons, when you are first time mom it can’t be the most heartbreaking thing in the world. When you’ve tried the standard: feed them, change their diaper, check their temperature, do skin to skin. Uh oh, think you have a gassy baby on your hands.

This happened to me, in fact when I came to the paediatrician with my gassy newborn, told him my baby won’t stop screaming; the doctor told me she was colic and it would go away, eventually. But after another night of watching my poor screaming baby suffer I knew I had to find a solution.

Here are some things you can do to help calm your baby:

1. Dr. Brown’s Bottles

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These bottles helped a lot. When feeding my little one pumped milked, when I went to sit her up to burp, the burps would come pouring out after using these. Unlike the previous standard bottles.

2. Gassy Baby Burp Technique

After trying the traditional sitting up the baby or over the should patting on the back burping. Try the following modification. Sit your baby on your lap sideways, so you are looking at their profile. Rock their body forward and backward to help push the gas through. After ten rocks, pat their back and then rub their back in a vertical motion, as if you are pushing the gas out of their mouth.


3. Gassy Baby Leg Exercises

Lay your baby flat on his/her back and grab their ankles. Do a routine of the following, ten repetitions each:

  • Pull legs out straight and push knees into chest
  • Alternate knees into chest and pull straight
  • Both knees pushed to chest and rotation hips from side to side
  • Both legs straight up into the air and bring knees down to chest

Here is a decent video to show you some exercises:


4. Tummy Massage

This helps push the gas through the intestinal tract. Tummy massage can be alternated with gassy baby leg exercises, which I would think give the best result. Using one hand and a bit of pressure spell out I, L and U on the baby’s tummy. This is shown below in the following video.

5. Pump before you feed

This was a game changer for me and the day I did this I didn’t have another night of baby gas. There is two different kinds of breast milk, fore milk and hind milk. To explain how this worked for me, I must explain fore milk and hind milk. Fore milk sits at the front of the milk sacks and the baby must consume all of it before hind milk is released. Hind milk is fatty and slows down the digestion process, which will stop air for being forced through the digestion track. So for women like myself who have too much milk, the baby only ever gets fore milk. The reason is because, overnight my breasts would fill up as much as they could with milk. So all day my baby would feed and stop from being full before getting any of the hind milk. So when I got up in the morning and pumped before feeding, my baby started the day off with hind milk and throughout the day got more while feeding. I just used Evenflo Single Electric Breast Pump every morning, once a day.

Never had an issue again.

Its all about trial and error, don’t give up. Find what works for your gassy baby. I cut dairy, spicy food and tried grip water on top of the above listed. There has to been something to make it more comfortable for your little one. Be strong Momma!


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