Losing the Baby Weight – My Journey

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Losing the baby weight can be difficult. You are just getting used to a small dependant little being that sees you and them as the same; then this nagging feeling kicks in, “Ok, time to get back in shape”. Then when that doesn’t happen the frustration kicks in, and the promises to start Mondays, and the just one slice deals with yourself.  Next thing you know, you’re sucked in the vortex.

At least that happened to me. Over the course of my pregnancy I gained a whooping 62 pounds. My 5’3″ small frame ballooned from 134 pounds to 196 pounds. Practically every gynaecologists visit I was being told I was gaining double what I should. So I guess eating fast food three times a week and pulling into every drive-thru to satisfy my root beer craving was a mistake. Mmmm Root beer.

Thinking most of that weight was baby, placenta and fluid; I was shocked when I got home and have only lost 10 pounds. So my weight loss journey began. Here are my opinions on what attributed to my weight loss.

Don’t stress about baby weight

First of all, YOU JUST HAD A BABY. Take it easy and don’t be too hard on yourself. Focus on healthy, not weight loss. I made an agreement with myself that I was embarking on a journey to fitness and good health. Its about progression, not speed. I would get there eventually and I should enjoy all the victories along the way.


Besides breastfeeding being the best option for baby, I believe it also helped me lose baby weight. There are studies that both support and oppose this idea. As I see it, it takes extra calories to produce milk so I’m burning more if I breastfeed.

Food Tracking

weight loss, weight loss chart, lose baby weight, post pregnancy
This is my actual weight loss chart. As you can see, I’ve been using Lose It! for a while. It also helped me achieve my goal of 125lbs for my wedding.

I used a free fitness app that I could track my food and exercise. I use Lose it!, another popular one is My Fitness Pal. Everything that went in my mouth, I logged into the app. It helped me stay on top of my calorie intake. Plus, like any good app there is gamification. So I was joining challenges, earning badges and checking in on my friends. Every little bit of weight shifting on the scale I input into the app and watched as day by day my graph came down.

Fitness buddy/Challenge Group

I started with getting my mom to join me in getting back to fit. We would text every day about what we did or what we cooked. Having someone to be accountable to made a big difference for me. I also enjoy a bit of healthy competition. Someone in my baby group also made a facebook page that we could support one another, which was good at first and then it fizzled out.

Professional Fitness Program

weight loss, post pregnancy, lose baby weight
March 2016. Lost 6.1 lbs and 14 inches

As my weight loss started to slow, I know I needed something more. That’s when I reached out to a friend from high school, who I knew was a Beachbody coach from seeing her Facebook page posts. I signed up for the Beachbody 21 Day Fix Challenge pack. It came with all the videos, food portion containers, Meal Replacement Nutrient Shakes for the month and my coach invited me to her challenge group. I just needed to purchase the dumbbell weights. In the group there are daily challenges and check-ins that kept me engaged and invested. There I got the support I needed and the motivation to keep to it.

Food tracking is easy, shakes are tasty and the workouts were awesome, just 30 minutes each, once a day. I woke up 30 minutes earlier and got them out of the way and felt great.

The baby weight has been melting off. I finished my first round in March and now I started a second, I am just a few pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I have found that I now have healthy habits and make great tasting food that is healthy.

So don’t feel down momma, it took me 6 months to get to this point. Make a decision to living a healthy lifestyle, find your support and get going!

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