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If you are planning on having your newborn baby in your room for the first little bit a bassinet is the way to go. I tried a couple different ones before landing with my current one. At first I had the traditional style bassinet where the freestanding unit had material sides and a wide base on wheels. So whenever I wanted to check on my baby I had to hop out of bed and peek in because the base made the unit too far away from my bed. After a few days I couldn’t do it, the process of getting up and checking was affecting my already fragmented sleep. So I purchased the Halo Bassinest and have been raving about it since, it is my top purchase for baby gear. Here’s why:

Mesh sides

This makes the unit safe if baby rolls against the side of the bassinet, as they can still breathe. My little Boo Boo Chicken, would roll and smush her face against the wall so she could be as close to me as possible. It also allow you to see the baby through the walls, which was a god send for my paranoid nature. I would check every 20 minutes to make sure she was breathing.

Swivel base

Convenient for getting in and out of the bed without the baby bed getting in the way. You can also swing it so the bassinet is right on the bed next to you, which is awesome.

Push down bassinet wall

Allows you to scoop out your baby without even sitting up completely. This is perfect for those first few months of late night feeds! Easily get them in and out of the bassinet while your in zombie mom mode.

Light with Timer

This is perfect for feeding at night, the glow enables you to see without lighting the beacon from Gondor.

Vibration & Sound

More nice to haves, but the loon on the lake sound is heavenly and put my baby and me to sleep. Vibration seemed to calm her as well.

This bad boy retails for about $300, I was fortunate to find this on Kijiji for $100 in good condition, I just washed everything. If you want brand new everything or can’t find one used, you can buy it here.

Having the Halo Bassinest gave me peace of mind allowing me to open my eye, see my baby is find and fall back asleep. I also believed helped my baby sleep as she was sleeping through the night if I let her from then on (I’m not saying your baby will sleep through the night).

What baby gear items could you not live without?


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