DIY – Make Natural Baby wipes with 4 ingredients

Natural baby wipes, DIY baby wipes

Baby wipes are handy! If you are like me, you use that shit on everything! Clean their butt, face, hands, tray tops…you! It’s just so easy and right there. So I was surprised when I found out that my precious Swiss army knife of cleaning products could actually be bad for my baby. For more information about what’s in store bought baby wipes check out this article. After that, I knew I needed to use natural baby wipes.

I knew that I had to find a solution that was easy for me to make, cost affective and of course safe for my precious Boo Boo Chicken.

So after some research and tweaking of my own, here is the recipe I used to create my own simple natural baby wipes.

prep time: 5 minutes

Natural Baby Wipes IngredientsNatural Baby Wipes, DIY baby wipes




  1. Find a plastic container that will fit half a paper towel roll. The 2lb coffee containers work perfect for the Costco sized Kirkland paper towels. I took one and spray painted silver to look more appealing, but it doesn’t matter. Using a knife or scissors cut 1 inch “X” in the top.
  2. Cut your paper towel roll in half with a bread knife. Try to remove any bottom flyaways if possible.
  3. Place paper towel half, cut side down into your container.
  4. Boil your water,  pour into large measuring cup filling to 1.5 CUPS (you may use a 1/2 CUP more or less depending on your paper towel roll size)
  5. Then add TBSP of  Coconut oil and a TBSP of natural baby wash and stir until dissolved.
  6. Pour liquid over the top of the paper towel. Try to cover the top of the roll.
  7. When the water cools a bit, remove the center card board roll. Then pull the most center paper towel and push it through the “X” in the top and snap your lid down.

You have just made naturanatural baby wipes, DIY natural baby wipesl baby wipes momma! Use that shit on everything!








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