Baby Art Shadow Box Craft

DIY Baby craft, Baby art shadow box

For Father’s Day, I wanted to find a way for my 9 month old to give her Daddy a gift just from her. I didn’t want to do another craft using her hands and feet impressions as I did for Christmas. Although they are super cute! I wanted to create something that could be updated every year. To create a tradition for my daughter and encourage creativity to boot! After some searching I decided to do a baby art shadow box.

This craft would be good for birthdays, Christmas, or even just a random thing done each year.

Baby Art Shadow Box Artwork Selection

There are tons of different ideas online you can do from making birds out of footprints, finger painting and much more. I decided to try having my baby just crawl through the paint. I thought I was anyway. More on that later.

Baby Art Shadow Box Supplies

First I needed to find an inexpensive display to place the artwork in. I ended up going with this one off It fits a common size 11″x14″ paper and I think is perfect for this type of project.

I tried this recipe for making super safe paints for baby and it was super pale and too thick that I ended up just buying non-toxic paints.


Ok, let me tell you how this shit show panned out. Turns out my kid hates the feeling of goop on her and had a meltdown. So my super fun, Pinterest envisioned craft went out the window. But I ended up with something that wasn’t half bad.

  1. DIY Baby craft, Baby art shadow boxSet up a space outside and that is free of wind
  2. To not make a mess on the grass, I cut open a garbage bag and laid it on the yard. Due to the wind I put some heavy objects on each corner
  3. I took 3 pages and taped them down, 2 of which I taped across the front of the paper to create a design in the negative space.
  4. Mix your paints and have them at the ready. I had a mini pool with warm soapy water and towel ready to clean her up and dry her off.
  5. Dropped 1 colour of paint in areas that I intended to have my daughter crawl through, but as stated above, she wasn’t having any of that. So instead I walked her through it and maybe used her like a mini human paint brush. Gotta do what ya gotta do, right?
  6. DIY Baby craft, Baby art shadow boxAfter each colour I put her in a mini pool so the colours didn’t mix too much
  7. Once I had all the colours applied, I let the paint dry for the day. Once dry, I very carefully removed the tape and put my favorite in the baby art shadow box.






Doesn’t it make you wonder what the artist was thinking?

DIY Baby craft, Baby art shadow box

I’m thinking next year will be easier. I’m sure she will get a kick out of finger painting, here’s hoping anyway. In the end I really like the baby art shadow box idea.

What have special tradition have you created with your little one?



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