Why I bought my daughter a Barbie

Game Developer Barbie

Barbie has been catching flack for a quite few years for unrealistic body image. Some mothers saying it will or has caused self confidence issues in their daughters. Yet here I am excited for the Barbie I just ordered to come in. Here’s why:

I was just scrolling my feeds, minding my own business and there is was; Video Game Developer by Barbie (Mattel). Holy Crapper! *click*.. purchased.

Why I Care About Video Game Developer Barbie?

She wears the same clothing styling as me, has glasses like me, love her right down to the shoes. She even had a job that captured some elements of my own, like graphic design. Now I don’t have bright red two tone hair, but I saw myself in this Barbie. How cool is this going to be to share this Barbie with my little girl and explain her job. Tell her mommy has a job like that and when Mommy drops her off everyday at daycare, this is what she is doing. Maybe it will help her understand a little bit more that Mommy has a career and doesn’t just go away to “work” and come back everyday.

Another thing I love is that this is a career in a dominantly male industry. The most current statistic is just 21% of women are in the Game Developer Industry.  In a management role that is commonly a male position, I understand the extra work in proving yourself as a female. I want my daughter to be driven and not limited by perceptions of where she belongs. I don’t want here to be afraid if she doesn’t fit in with the majority.

To boot, I really enjoy a good video game, games like Grand Theft Auto, Uncharted and Lara Croft I am glued to until they are complete. See ya later life.

Pretty much this Video Game Developer Barbie is the bees knees for me.


Image: Mattel
Image: Mattel

Mattel Making Changes

Aside from relating to this particular Barbie, I have been really impressed with the efforts that Mattel has been making to adapt to the times. They now make Barbie’s of different shapes, sizes, colour and career paths.



Another great thing Barbie is doing is promoting that Barbie is for everyone, boys and girls alike, take a look at one of their commercials released October 2015.

Barbie may have not have gotten with the times right away, but they are adapting.

So yes, this girl is looking forward to the arrival of her totally amazeballs Video Game Developer Barbie! Maybe I’ll let my daughter play with it, kidding!

What Barbie career doll do you hope Mattel will make?

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  1. Love this and the fact that Barbie is adapting to the times. I was and am a huge Barbie fan. If I had a girl I would definitely indulge in hours of doll play with her and Barbie!

    1. Formyinsanity says: Reply

      Thanks for your comment Krishta! Looking forward to playing dolls with my daughter 🙂

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