Babywearing 101


Babywearing wasn’t something I was familiar with. I started noticing parents wearing their children when I was pregnant. I became intrigued, it looked so comfy. I had to learn more.

What is Babywearing?

It is exactly as it sounds, wearing your baby using a wrap or carrier.

After giving birth, I really found a need for a carrier. So I messaged a friend who I saw who posted pictures wearing her baby and she directed me to a facebook group of women in my community who babywear. The group had regular meet-ups and everyone was welcome. There is always a baby carrier seller and expert there to answer questions and brings a variety of carriers for mommies and babies to try.

Different types of Baby Carriers

At the meet-up I learned there is a variety of carriers shown in the image below:

Image via BabyVibes

After trying a few different ones out, I decided to move forward with doing a consultation with the baby carrier seller at her home where she had even more carriers to try.

Choosing the right carrier for you

babywearing-mei-taiBaby carriers are all about what is comfy for you and your baby. So its really important to try a few before making your decision. The second I put my baby in the Chimparoo Mei Tai she snuggled right in so I pulled the trigger and made the purchase. I bought a colour my husband would wear too so he could enjoy the carrier. As she got older and more wiggly I found tying up the Mei Tai more cumbersome so we made the switch to the ever coveted Tula. Tula’s I learned is like being a member of a club. Tula parents out in public head nod at our Tula wearing parents. They even have their own hashtag #TITW (Tula in the wild).

Benefits of Babywearing

There are a number of reasons why we babywear, here are a few below:

  • First of all, what freedom to have your arms back!
  • Babies who are worn cry less
  • Ditch the stroller, making it easier to travel and grocery shop
  • Effortless bonding with baby
  • Safer for child to be strapped in a carrier then on the hip (falls, child abduction)
  • Parents can keep the baby warm

I would encourage parents to give babywearing a trying. Its cozy and allows you to get stuff done. Everyone is different and there is a carrier out there for everyone.

What carrier do you think would be best for you?

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