7 Things You Should Actually Pack in your Diaper Bag

diaper bag, what to pack in your diaper bag

Here is it, that diaper bag you needed; now let’s pack it with everything you could possibly need! You don’t care about the weight, you need something to balance out carrying that heavy top of the line car seat anyway. Plus what if there is a flood and you are stranded!

Ok I get it, you want to be prepared but there is shit you just don’t need in there. Here is a list of things I learned that you actually need to pack in your diaper bag for small outings and day trips. Also a few things to help lighten the load of those necessities.


Duh! Am I right? Don’t pack too many though, if you are going out for an afternoon, pack a days worth. This depends on your baby but 10 is more than good.



2. Wipes

I use wipes to clean bums, hands, faces, clean messes, the works. So you don’t need tissues or additional wet wipes. Just need a compact carrier for them. Huggies sells a good one and they include it for free when you buy their wipes in bulk.





3. Vaseline or Coconut Oil

Something for your baby’s bum. Pack in a travel size container, the large container weighs you down.







4.Food & Snacks

Breast-milk in a freezer pack, formula, Mum Mums, Gerber Puffs what ever you need to keep that little one nourished and happy. For formula babies, this little powder container is awesome so you are not bringing the whole container, have perfect portioning for your little one. 1 bib for the day as well.



5.Change of Clothes

Can’t tell you how many times my little darling has ruined her carefully selected outfit en route to the destination. Make sure you pack a spare if out for a few hours, 2 if its a whole day event. Pjs if you will be out late. Footy zip-up PJs are key. If you use flannelette blanket, one more of those too.



6. Toys

Nothing big, just 1 or 2 things you know they are into, so it will keep them busy. I’m a huge fan of the Manhattan toy. New babies find it easy to grab, its colorful, light and is a rattle as well.




7. Extras to pack in your diaper bag.





That’s it! No tissues, diaper rash cream (unless they have a diaper rash) or other creams, nail clippers, hair brushes, thermometer, health record forms or their flash cards. Good on you for being so concerned that you would.

You got this mama, lighten the load!

Let me know what else is a must have for your diaper bag.

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