Jessica Boulay, Jess boulay, bio pic, For My Insanity, For my Insanity about usWhat’s in a name? For My Insanity represents the natural chaos of being a mom and the my knack for taking on too many projects at once, it all works out one way or another. This is a peek inside the over active mind of me, Jessica Boulay. I’m a first time mommy to my daughter, Quinn aka “Boo Boo Chicken” .

I’m slightly neurotic, overly geeky and sarcastic as hell. For My Insanity will include day to day parenting advice, DIY crafts, pregnancy tips, healthy recipes, random thoughts about fumbling through motherhood and everything else in-between.

The intent is to have readers laugh, relate and get some great simple DIY crafts and cooking ideas.

So get reading already!